People Dialogue / Forum

In order to build up mutual understanding within the many different ethnic-tribal groups and to build unity under the banner of the name of “Chin”, publishing the basic Chin History books and folk tales of the Chin people, and teaching in the private Secondary Schools, Church-base Education Center. In cooperation with the local government officials, we also seek to promote common ground information in community.

Capacity Building Trainings

Chin Agency keen to conduct Human Rights training, Peace transformation training, Voter Education Training and governance training in community. We also adopt local value, experience and skill in order to fulfill the interests of local people, and the needs of local community according to political and socioeconomic life.

Chin Agency is standing to support technical assistance on local self-help groups, community based organizations on short-term and long-term planning their organization.

As the political development and peace building processes are related to the development of the Chin people, to encourage the public participation in the process, educating, advocating and dissemination of information is conducting in Chin Agency’s milestones.

Research and Evidence-based Advocacy

Chin Agency experience in research related to community development in order to build up evidence-based advocacy mechanism to address in local government agencies. Moreover, we also use the findings and recommendations for community forum, dialogue and development.

Currently, most of the public do not really understand the tasks and information of parliament regarding government planning, action, budget allocation and monitoring which is multi-task implemented by the government. Chin Agency will do a research and collect information and, share to local people in Chin state level through media, dialogue and forum.

Local Media Promotion

Promoting media and advocacy is a vital core vale of Chin Agency and, bring local news into local, national and international media program. Chin Agency aims to train and upgrade the capacity of local media, individual reporters and activists to address local news to present systematic in local, national and international media coverage.